A corporate brand identity establishes a strategic framework and creative platform upon which to market your products and services. Successful branding can be a powerful way for companies to distinguish themselves from their competitors. It is your corporate face to the outside world. Thus your brand image can quickly make or break the someone’s decision to meet with you. Like it or not, it creates a gut instinct.

MarketingAFund.com’s professional branding services provide companies with a brand identity that encapsulates a corporation’s vision, values, personality, positioning and image. We believe in developing a corporate branding strategy as the first critical step to ensure the key components that comprise of a corporate identity meet your goals and objectives.

Our Corporate Brand Identity Solution includes: corporate logo design, artwork and creative typography, a branding strategy and mission statement, and a style guide to be used consistently in all communication and marketing.

Corporate branding should be uniformly presented across all marketing channels to enhance your firm’s image and reputation and bridge all marketing and sales activities under one umbrella and one voice.

  • Corporate Stationery: business cards, letterhead, envelopes
  • Marketing and Investor Presentations: pitchbook, reports, etc.
  • Website-Online Marketing: website, email, social media
  • Events, Promotions, Signage: interior + exterior design
  • Public Relations and Media